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Exciting News
The Onaway Historical Museum is dedicated to collecting and preserving Onaway's great history and Onaway's contributions to the building of Michigan.
Thanks to the generosity of the Mason's, the Onaway Historical Museum has obtained ownership of the old Masonic Temple building on Washington Avenue. This historical building,  previous to the purchase by the Masons, was the administration building for the Lobdell-Emery/American Rim wooden steering wheel manufacturing factory. The same factory that made people proclaim that "Onaway Steers the World".

After being vacant for many years, the building needs considerable repair before the museum can move into it. In our current location in the Historic Courthouse, we are only able to show a small percent of the artifacts that the museum has in its possession to display. 

We need your help to preserve this historic building. We have hired an historical architect to inspect the building and draw up plans to bring it back to a condition that is both safe for public use and historically accurate.

Therefore, the Historical Museum is looking for pictures of the interior of this historic building while it was still in the possession of the Lobdell-Emery company. We are also looking for information about the history of the building and outside layout of the grounds surrounding the admin building of the old company, as our long term plans are to make an historical walk from the old admin building to the courthouse through the Lobdell-Emery property still in the possession of the museum.

We are also, of course looking for financial donations. We are a tax-deductible non-profit organization. You can help restore and preserve a crucial part of our city's  history by joining our organization today and by contributing to our separate Fund Drive.